All About Grasshoppers
By Canaan Pulliam

What’s got six legs, is green and can jump really high? If you guessed a grasshopper, you are right!
These happy insects look like they’re smiling. Some grasshoppers make sounds that you can hear when you’re outside. They are fun to catch and look at. To learn more about these insects, keep reading my report.

Grasshoppers eat grass and some grasshoppers eat only one special leaf. They have strong jaws that help them eat their food.

Physical Description
Grasshoppers can be green or brown. Sometimes they can look like a leaf. They have a hard exoskeleton and four eyes: two simple eyes and and two compound eyes.

Young grasshoppers, called nymphs, hatch from eggs. A nymph must molt and grow wings before it is an adult grasshopper.

Grasshoppers move around a lot. They eat all they can in one spot and then they move on. They migrate in cold weather because they don’t like the cold.