A Walking Stick’s Life
By Gibson Rodriguez
Just imagine… you’re walking through the woods, you reach for a stick and… it moves! At first you’re kind of creeped out but then you’re interested and you want to get a better look. You see two eyes, pinchers on six legs and a body that looks like a stick. You realize that you have found a walking stick.
These sneaky insects are interesting to look at but even more interesting to learn about. To learn more, read on.
Home Sweet Tree
I spend most of the time in trees and blend into my surroundings. I live everywhere but Antarctica. I like to live near trees and spend most of the time in them. When a predator sees me I play dead. Since I look like a stick, this works pretty well for me.

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Hi, I am a walking stick. My favorite food is leaves and plants. I like to eat at night so that I don’t get eaten. Creep! Creep! I’m being hunted! So I play dead until the predator leaves. Playing dead worked once again!
Crack the Egg
I can grow 1-12 inches long, but first I have to crack my egg and then become a nymph and then an adult. When I become an adult, I can move from the place that I grew up in. In my nymph stage, I will molt 3-5 times before I become an adult. And then eventually I will grow wings and I’ll learn how to fly.
Fun facts
  • Stick insects will break their leg to escape if they get stuck.
  • There are 3,000 varieties of walking sticks.
  • The walking stick can regenerate a broken limb.