What’s a Ant ?

Yes, you may think ants are just bugs but they are really COOL bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They live in: cracks ,hills and more. Want to learn more about these cool critters? Read on.

Ant book

Ants live in a ant hole.
They live everywhere.
They live with 1,000`s of other ants.
They make nests with pieces of dirt


Ants eat honeydew a sweet liquid that comes from a insect called aphids

Harmful or helpful

Ants can be both harmful or helpful. Helpful because when they get aphids(who are pesky little bugs who suck the juice out of your garden) they save your garden! But they can be harmful to. Like fire ants(ant that when they bite you it feels like you are on fire) there bite really hurts!

Life cycle

Step 1. The queen lays the eggs
Step 2. The eggs hatch
Step 3. They turn into pupa
Step 4. They are grown up

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