All About Butterflies


Angelo Lee

What has colorful wings, tiny scales, six legs, two antennas, and flies through the air with gentle grace? It’s a butterfly! I love how they flutter and how they eat with their tongue. When I watch them I feel happy.

Where Do Butterflies Live?

Some butterflies live in high mountains and some in dry desserts. They also live in the rain forest. Where they live is called the habitat. The largest butterfly lives in New Guinea.

What Do Butterflies Eat?

Butterflies eat nectar. Nectar comes from a flower. It is sweet energy. They taste sugar with their feet. Some butterflies drink tree sap. They sip juice from fruit. They sip salts from wet soil and even animal dung.

What Do Butterflies Look Like?

Butterflies have colorful wings. Butterflies wings have tiny scales. They have two antennae. They have a feeding tube that they eat with. They have two very big eyes.

Who Are Their Predators?

Ants and beetles catch butterflies. Spiders and frogs catch butterflies. Lizards and birds catch butterflies. Bats catch butterflies.

What Is The Butterflies Life Cycle?

The first part of the life cycle is the caterpillar. The next is the chrysalis. The last is the butterfly.

Are They Harmful or Helpful?

The butterflies prefer the dung of meat animals in Africa. Caterpillars have bodyguards. Monarch caterpillars have poison bodies. Caterpillars’ skin spits open.

Fun Facts About Butterflies

Butterflies have two basic jobs: eat and reproduce. Butterflies are cold blooded. Butterflies cannot chew instead they eat by sipping liquids.