Goliath Beetle Life
By Aaron Dubose

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Fun Facts 4
Home Sweet Home 5
What’s For Dinner 6
Harmful of Helpful 7
Physical Description 8
Growing Up 9
Conclusion 10


If I were a Goliath Beetle, I would be honored to be the size of a human’s hand. It would be pretty cool because I would be like the big kid on the playground and I would have the advantage over the smaller beetles. The Goliath beetle gets so large eating maple say from dead trees. Although the Goliath beetle is huge, it shares the same life cycle as most insects. To find out more about the Goliath beetle, keep reading!!
Fun Facts- Did You Know?
  • Beetles make up ¼ of the earth’s living animals
  • There are 350,000 different kinds of beetles in the world
  • Beetles only live for about a year

Home Sweet Home

African Goliath beetles can be found from western to eastern equator of Africa.

What’s For Dinner?
Goliath beetles eat maple sap from dead trees. They also eat dead animals and plants.

Harmful or Helpful?
Goliath beetles are a part of nature’s clean-up crew. They eat material from dead trees and keep it clean for all living animals in the African rainforest.

Physical Description
Beetles come in different colors. These colors include red, green, blue, and pink! Like most beetles, Goliath beetles have a hardened outside that protets their inner-wing (the wing they fly with), so that is doesn’t get hurt when they’re flying.

Growing Up Goliath

Goliath beetles go through four stages. Egg, larvae, pupae, and adult.


Next time you see a beetle think twice about the intrsting features these creature have. I find them amazing. They keep the earth cleaner for living animals, they are an enormous size, and they have an interesting life cycle.

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