5 major cities
3.ann arbor and 2 upper peninsula
1.crystal falls
2.newberry and those are 5 major cities.

Land and Water Features

The upper peninsula is mountainous in the west.

Michigan is the only state that is bordered by four of the five great lakes.

Michigan has two peninsulas: the upper and lower peninsula.

Michigan also has some islands: Mackinac Island and Fox Island, among others.

Tahquamenon Falls are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The lower peninsula is shaped like a mitten,

Products and services include: cars, trucks, fiid such as Faygo pop and Bettermade potato chips.
Natural resources include: lumber, copper and iron ore.
Michigan is the third largest grower of Christmas trees!

Channing Michigan u.p. 25 miles north from iorn mountain on highway m95. in 1892, a post office was established named channing, after john parke channing, a mineing engeneer who surveyed the area. The post office continues to serve.

Big bay u.p. 23 miles north of Marquette on lake superior and lake independence. Big bay has a wide range of campgrounds for campers.

Sand dunes they are along lake Michigan. Forest covers more then half of Michigan land.